The coaching journey is often too well travelled without a destination being agreed or reached.

When time is precious it's important to discriminate between a pleasant trip and a meaningful journey.

Coaching for success

At Sarah Kearney Consulting we only accept coaching assignments where we are confident we can make a difference. We evaluate the requirements of the organisation and the aspiration of the individual and assess our own suitability for partnering on an executive coaching program. We draw from a wealth of coaching assignments with varied individuals in a range of industries to provide our clients with an experience that is meaningful and goal oriented.

Approach & services include:

  • A comprehensive review of needs and expectations of both the organisation (commissioning client) and the individual (coaching client)
  • The application of relevant tools to determine underlying attributes driving behaviour and results (personality and motivational drivers) and perceptions held by other stakeholders (360° assessments and appraisal data)
  • Establishing a clear starting point and desired end point with milestones and timeframes
  • Regular face-to-face meetings to support the individual through their journey
  • Access to additional support via phone and email
  • Regular progress updates to the commissioning client based on agreed disclosure parameters
  • Assignment review with coaching client to evaluate both the experience and the goals achieved