Striking the sensitive balance between performance and potential is what differentiates an effective developmental assessment - both are necessary to attain a complete picture.

Developing for success

At Sarah Kearney Consulting we understand the importance of developing talent and future leaders. However, before you invest in expensive development programs we believe it is essential that the organisation and the individual understands where the development focus needs to be. That is our area of specialisation.

Approach & services include:

  • Identifying the criteria against which individuals need to aspire (leadership or talent models)
  • Selecting the most relevant assessment techniques - drawing from a range of tests, personality and motivation profiles, role scenarios, 360° assessments, behavioural and career aspiration interviews.
  • Conducting the developmental assessments with target high potentials in either individual or group environments
  • Determining what strengths need to be nurtured and what development areas need to be improved
  • Creating a macro report and presentation to the client on organisational benchstrength
  • Providing detailed feedback to individuals to enhance their self insights regarding strengths and development areas
  • Collaborating with individuals to create the most relevant personal development plan to maximise the insights gained