Turning strategy, values and culture into the blueprint of individual behaviour and results is the only way to convert concepts to actual outputs.

Translating the intangible into the tangible

Creating frameworks for success

At Sarah Kearney Consulting one of the key areas of specialisation is helping clients turn their strategic plans and values into something meaningful for all individual employees. We work in a highly collaborative way to understand what underpins success at all levels and we translate this success criteria into easily understood behaviours and key result areas. These capability frameworks become pivotal for almost all other HR initiatives - including selection, performance, development, coaching and training.

Approach & services include:

  • Identifying the criteria for success for the entire organisation, job families and specific roles
  • Articulating the discrete constructs and behaviours that differentiate high performance from the average
  • Ensuring frameworks reflects visionary and current behavioural aspirations
  • Mapping Key Result Areas onto relevant capabilities to ensure genuine integration of frameworks
  • A highly consultative process to harness the knowledge of informed stakeholders and increase buy-in and usability
  • The output is a comprehensive yet user-friendly capability framework
  • Advice provided on applying the capability framework to maximise its effectiveness in selection, performance, development, promotion and all talent strategies
  • A secondary output is a 'Contextual Insight Report' that highlights other key observations regarding the organisation's culture, climate and values - which can prove invaluable to senior management