So many individual initiatives fail because they are not aligned to the central strategy - getting the fundamentals right increases the possibilities of success for all other endeavours

The right people strategy

At Sarah Kearney Consulting we draw from 14 years of high level consulting experience to hundreds of organisations on crafting and enhancing their HR strategy. We combine this professional expertise with significant leadership experience where successful people strategies were crucial to ensuring SHL Australia and New Zealand retained its own best employees and profiled as an employer of choice within a highly competitive industry.

Approach & services include:

  • Advisory service in creating a comprehensive people strategy that is aligned to the broader organisational goals, values, culture and strategic objectives
  • Providing unbiased, honest and insightful critiques regarding existing people management strategies - searching for synergies and conflicts
  • Identifying and pinpointing potential obstacles blocking the success of HR strategies
  • Facilitating HR strategy development with senior HR teams and line managers
  • Establishing a partnership so the strategic review benefits from internal knowledge as well as an external and objective perspective.