You wouldn't make a financial investment decision without conducting the necessary due diligence to protect your investment, so why make important people decisions without having access to the most comprehensive data.

Selecting for success

At Sarah Kearney Consulting we know the importance of getting selection decisions right, and more critically we know the risks associated with getting the selection decisions wrong. As such, we apply the most comprehensive and contemporary assessment program. We also recognise the importance of promoting the best image to potential candidates and so offer the highest level of professionalism and candidate care during the assessment process.

Approach & services include:

  • Detailed role profiling to ensure the most appropriate assessment program is selected
  • Applying highly relevant assessment tools and methodologies to assess for role fit (including cognitive tests, personality and motivation profiles, simulations and interviews)
  • Integrating assessment data to evaluate the candidate's strengths and weaknesses against the success criteria
  • Clear recommendations made to the client through reports and/or feedback
  • Feedback offered to candidate whether appointed to role or not
  • Developmental coaching offered to successful candidates to maximise and fast-track performance in the new role